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Introductions Reading Loop

   Ciera Burch
   Neutral Bodies

   Holli Carrell
   Two Women

   Emily Chiles

   Sarah Golin
   Letters to Genevieve

   Zach Hester
   End Times
   October is a Fine and Dangerous Season in America

   Joey Kingsley
   Limits of the Burning World

   Gwen E. Kirby
   The Best and Only Whore of Cwm Hyfryd

   Amy O’Reilly
   Postmortem, Postpartum
   What Our Son’s Birth has Taught Us

Bruce Bond

Constance Adler
   Nonna Tears Apart a Chicken

Lisa Fay Coutley
   Leash Training

Amina Gautier
   Hungry, Like the Wolf

Dana Calhoun
   Review | The Afterlives by Thomas Pierce

Jacob Strautmann
   I Dream I Meet Irene McKinney at the Ruined House of the Photographer
   School Bus Brocade

Stephen Haven
   77.15 Kelvin

Mark Jarman
   Old Haunts
   Our Father Who Art Somewhere Now, We Hope

Holaday Mason
   Mother, Before Cremation/Me, Standing Before A Mirror Later

Debra Nystrom
   Haven’t I Been Sweet to You

Kwame Dawes
   Bones in the Soil
   The Vanishing

Henry Hart
   Anniversary on the Lookout Tower
   A Teacher’s Story

Ryan Black
   Goodbye, Piccadilly
   A Gun to the Heart of the City

Christian Teresi
   Words in a Dead Girl’s Mouth

William Woolfitt
   1912: Hush Harbor

Cabell First Novelist Award Reading Loop

   Hernan Diaz
   from In the Distance

   Cabell First Novelist Award 2018
   A Reading by Hernan Diaz audio icon
   Panel Discussion

   Matthew Phipps
   Review | In the Distance by Hernan Diaz

Holly Karapetkova
   Another Immigrant Story
   Fragments Reconstructed from a Poem
   There Are Boats

Judy Halebsky
   Making Shore

Weston Morrow
   Review | How to Dress a Fish by Abigail Chabitnoy

A Reading by T. Geronimo Johnson audio icon

Claudia Emerson Reading Loop

   Claudia Emerson
   Face Blindness
   Single Shot

   Lena Moses-Schmitt
   Reading Claudia Emerson’s “Eschatologies”

   courtesy of Kent Ippolito

Gail Martin
   To My Hips, Both Removed

Rebecca Foust
   New Ars Poetica

Charlotte Matthews
   My Daughter Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Erin Rodoni
   Maybe It Was Summer
   While hunting mummies at the British Museum

Kelly Cherry
   Burn After Reading, or Ghostwriting
   Lost in Translation

Wesley Gibson
   from You Are Here: A Memoir of Arrival

David Wojahn
   Ferocious Lullaby: Notes on Poetry and Parenting

James Hoch
   Puberty with Self-Portrait as Tiffky Doofky

Brian Brodeur
   Deciduous Ode

Sonja Livingston
   Holy Water
   Heart Relics, Lost Virgins, and Diving Boys: Expeditons into Devotion audio icon

Sidney Wade

Joshua Butts

Ösel Jessica Plante

Leigh Anne Couch
   Wild Pigs

Christian Detisch
   Review | Deaf Republic by Ilya Kaminsky

David Freed

Inge Pedersen
translated from Danish by Marilyn Nelson
   Clouds and Fire Engines

Caitlin Etherton
   Review | The Long Weeping: Portrait Essays by Jessie van Eerden

Bridget Grace Sheaff
   Exit Interview

Bruce Ducker
   The Forgotten Lutz

Edward Mayes
   All Must
   The Lost Art of Piping Down
   Se Non è Vero, è Ben Trovato

Christopher Emery
   A Letter to the Sacred Ibis

Idea Vilariño
translated from Spanish by Jesse Lee Kercheval
   Cursed Be the Day
   The Night

Charlie Clark
   Fundamental Attribution Error
   These Are the Insects

Michael Hurley
   Barnum at the Grave of Charles “Tom Thumb” Stratton

1918 Suite Part 2: What Was Not His to Keep
   Cather, Anderson, Grimké, period news coverage & ephemera

   Willa Cather
   from One of Ours

   Ethel Anderson
   from Under the Red Cross Flag at Home and Abroad

   Frances J. Grimké
   from “Some Reflections: Growing Out of the Recent Epidemic
      of Influenza that Afflicted Our City”

   Richmond Times-Dispatch
   Grippe Crisis Is Reached

   Richmond Planet
   Much Trouble Here

   Richmond Times-Dispatch
   Director Levy Is Taken to Task by Flannagan

MFA Alumni Reading audio icon
   Roselyn Elliott, Nathan Long, Emilia Phillips, & Michele Young-Stone

A Reading by Gregory Donovan, T.R. Hummer, & Michele Poulos audio icon

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