blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1
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Beth Bachmann

Susanna Childress
   What You Meant Was

William E. Dudley
   right now i remember the old

Rodney Jones
   The Boomers Take the Field
   Common-Law Kundalini
   The State-Line Stripper

Jennifer L. Knox
   In the Canyons, Hidden Farms
   The Aqueduct's Up There Somewhere

Robert Krut
   Blood Feathers

Linda Malnack
   And So Because We Don't Want To

Sarah Manguso
   A Glittering
   Will We?

Jeredith Merrin
   The Cicadas

Cecily Parks
   Beast-Lover Variations
   Luna Moth
   A Mountain Lion Makes Ready



Alison Pelegrin
   Choose Your Own Adventure
   How to Deliver a Baby in a Taxicab

John Poch

Jody Rambo
   Landscape Returning

F. Daniel Rzicznek
   During Fever
   Outside the Horse

Jeannine Savard
   Dream Bardo
   From the Undergrowth
   Sky Treasure

Ravi Shankar

Brian Teare
   As if from Letters of Surveyor Samuel Maclay
   Lent Prayer

Matthew Thorburn
   Homage to Tom Andrews

Liliana Ursu,
 with Tess Gallagher and Adam J. Sorkin

   Once Upon a Time in Venice
   Return to Sibiu

Rachel Jamison Webster
   The First Season of Marriage