blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


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Aura | Laura Lark
Curve | Shigeo Kawashima
Ten Really Short Videos | Laura Lark

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Adam and Eve as Fire and Water | Valerie Nieman
Apparition of the Virgin | Ron Slate
Chapbook Author Interview | Susan Settlemyre Williams

Children Born After the War | Rachel Richardson
A Conversation with Ron Slate
Eden in the Rearview Mirror | Susan Elbe
Granite City | Ron Slate
The Incentive of the Maggot | Ron Slate
The Lady Vanishes | Robin Ekiss

Louisiana’s Swamps | Rachel Richardson
Males Often Have Brilliant Colors | Laura Van Prooyen
Meanwhile Under the Shade Palms | Robin Ekiss
Ninth Annual Levis Prize Reading | Ron Slate
A Reading by Lee Smith | Lee Smith
Some Grass Along a Ditch Bank | Larry Levis
Somewhere Other Than Florida | Robert Lopez
Studies from Life | Rebecca Black
Sweet Transmigrations | Rebecca Black
Tolberton County, 1923 | Rebecca Black
An Uncertain Sky Makes Her Wary of Stillness | Laura Van Prooyen
Wakulla Springs | Rebecca Black

With a Leaf in Her Fist | Susan Elbe