blackbird online journal Spring 2008  Vol. 7  No. 1

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Chapbook Omnibus Review
Reviews of chapbooks by Marianne Boruch, Leigh Anne Couch, Kathy Davis, Erika Howsare,
Charles Jensen, Joy Katz, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Eugene Ostashevsky, Mathias Svalina, Allison Titus, Jen Tynes, Lesley Wheeler, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Jonah Winter

Two Poets to Watch | Susan Settlemyre Williams
A review of work by Leigh Anne Couch and Sandra Beasley

Eden In the Rearview, by Susan Elbe | Karla Huston

Field Folly Snow, by Cecily Parks | Catherine MacDonald

Just Breathe Normally, by Peggy Shumaker | Michele Poulos

Moon Road, by Ron Smith | Mary Lee Allen

A Murmuration of Starlings, by Jake Adam York | Ron Slate

On Dream Street, by Melanie Almeder | Matt Myers

Slantwise, by Betty Adcock | Randy Marshall

Vellum, by Matt Donovan | David Roderick

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