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Below is the order in which the editors suggest you read, view, and listen to the current issue of Blackbird. This list only reflects content published with the issue in November 2008. For additional content added over the life of the issue, see Features.

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Lee Smith
   Fried Chicken

Betty Adcock

Irene McKinney
   Past Lives
   Protection Cord

Sarah Vap
   A cradle of warmed oats for the chickens on the Epiphany
   A snuggery, evolved
   Clear and dark gills of mushrooms
   Self-portrait as a butter-churner
   Spring in Phoenix: An answer to the vanishing god

Terri Witek
   How to Apparel Yourself for the Hunt
   How to Lure a Lizard into a Bird Feeder   
   Walking Angry in That City
   Walking Houseproud

Matt Donovan
   new poems
      Coleridge in Scotland, Walking  audio iconvideo icon
      Tchaikovsky at the Trinity Site: A Dance of Sorts in Three Actsvideo icon
   poems from Vellum, winner of the Levis Reading Prize   
      Charlie Chaplin Dug Up & Ransomed: A Prayer  audio iconvideo icon
      St. Catherine in an O: A Song About Knives  audio iconvideo icon
      Towards the Sound of a Heron Stepping on Ice  audio iconvideo icon

Todd Fredson

Larry Levis
   Elegy with a Bridle in Its Hand  audio iconspacer
   Strange Days: Zbigniew Herbert in Los Angeles spacer
   Larry Levis Found Portraitsspacer

Christopher Buckley
   Larry Levis—The Poet & His Prose

David Roderick
   Book Review | Vellum, by Matt Donovan

Gerald Stern
   Larry Levis Visits Easton, PA During a November Freeze spacer
   A Reading by Gerald Stern  audio iconspacer

Constance Adler
   Season of Miracles

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
   The Beetle
   Letter to N., Paris

Henry Hart
   Mr. Brown Takes His Students to the Museum
   The Chinese Compass Lost Its Bearings

Patrick Lawler
   Living on Burrowed Time
   Unnatural Selection  

David Huddle
   The Way of the Blue-Winged Wangdoodle

Ron Smith
   Edward Teller’s Leg

Joe Wilkins
   Route 7 Outside Nacogdoches, Texas

Jessalyn Wakefield
   Prayers to a Young God

Jonathan Weinert
   An Ice Age

Allison Titus
   Motel 1
   Motel 2
   Modern Romance

K. Kirk
   Stand: Two Excerpts

Ramola D
   Letter Home to Madras

Jeanne Larsen
   The Cellar Stairwell at Jizō House

David Roby
   Arts and Science

Khaled Mattawa
   Two translations of Iman Mersal
      The Visit
   A poem by Khaled Mattawa
      The Room Is Cluttered, the Suitcase Night Thunder

Todd Fredson
   Mistress (1)
   Mistress (2): Teeter-Totter

John Allman
   Dear Sis,

Bruce Weigl
   Pastoral as Complaint
   For Penelope
   Response to, “Why Don't You Write About Something Happy?”

M.C. Allan
   Archimedes under Myronas

Forrest Anderson
   Hey Bubba

Adam Chiles
   Variation on a Landscape
      after David Hockney’s Winter Tunnel With Snow, March
   Variation on a Landscape
      after David Hockney’s A Bigger Puddle Near Kilham

John Ravenal
   Work by Teresita Fernández

Edie Rhoads
   Being Bird-Blooded

Louise Mathias

Andrew Allport
   Rae’s Mask

Self-Representation in the Arabian Gulf

Chapbook Omnibus Reviewspacer
   Chapbook Omnibus Review Part 1
      Eugene Ostashevsky
      Jonah Winter
      Charles Jensen

   Chapbook Omnibus Review Part 2
      Marianne Boruch
      Leigh Anne Couch
      Allison Titus
      Lesley Wheeler

   Chapbook Omnibus Review Part 3
      Mathias Svalina
      Joy Katz
      Jen Tynes & Erika Howsare
      Sueyeun Juliette Lee
      Joshua Marie Wilkinson
      Kathy Davis

Mary Lee Allen
   Book Review | Moon Road, by Ron Smith

Karla Huston
   Book Review | Eden in the Rearview Mirror, by Susan Elbe

Catherine MacDonald
   Book Review | Field, Folly, Snow, by Cecily Parks

Randy Marshall
   Book Review | Slantwise, by Betty Adcock

Matt Myers
   Book Review | On Dream Street, by Melanie Almeder

Michelle Poulos
   Book Review | Just Breathe Normally, by Peggy Shumaker

Ron Slate
   Book Review | A Murmuration of Starlings, by Jake Adam York

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Book Review | Houses Fly Away, by Leigh Anne Couch & Theories of Falling, by Sandra Beasley 

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