blackbird online journal Spring 2008  Vol. 7  No. 1
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Betty Adcock

M.C. Allan
   Archimedes under Myronas

Andrew Allport
   Rae’s Mask

Adam Chiles
   Variation on a Landscape
      after David Hockney’s Winter Tunnel With Snow, March
   Variation on a Landscape
      after David Hockney’s A Bigger Puddle Near Kilham

Ramola D
   Letter Home to Madras

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
   The Beetle
   Letter to N., Paris

Matt Donovan
   new poems
      Coleridge in Scotland, Walking  audio iconvideo icon
      Tchaikovsky at the Trinity Site: A Dance of Sorts in Three Actsvideo icon
   poems from Vellum, winner of the Levis Reading Prize   
      Charlie Chaplin Dug Up & Ransomed: A Prayer  audio iconvideo icon
      St. Catherine in an O: A Song About Knives  audio iconvideo icon
      Towards the Sound of a Heron Stepping on Ice  audio iconvideo icon

Todd Fredson
   Mistress (1)
   Mistress (2): Teeter-Totter
Henry Hart
   The Chinese Compass Lost Its Bearings
   Mr. Brown Takes His Students to the Museum

Jeanne Larsen
   The Cellar Stairwell at Jiz┼Ź House 

Patrick Lawler
   Unnatural Selection
   Living on Burrowed Time

Larry Levis
   Elegy with a Bridle In Its Hand  audio iconvideo icon

Louise Mathias

Khaled Mattawa
   two translations of Iman Mersal
      The Visit

   a poem by Khaled Mattawa
      The Room Is Cluttered, the Suitcase Night Thunder

Irene McKinney
   Protection Cord
   Past Lives

Iman Mersal
   translated by Khaled Mattawa
      The Visit

Edie Rhoads
   Being Bird-Blooded

Ron Smith
   Edward Teller’s Leg

Gerald Stern
   Larry Levis Visits Easton, PA During A November Freeze

Allison Titus
   Motel 1
   Motel 2
   Modern Romance

Sarah Vap
   Clear and dark gills of mushrooms
   A cradle of warmed oats for the chickens on the Epiphany
   Self-portrait as a butter-churner
   A snuggery, evolved
   Spring in Phoenix: An answer to the vanishing god

Bruce Weigl
   Pastoral as Complaint
   For Penelope
   Response to, “Why Don't You Write About Something Happy?”

Jonathan Weinert
   An Ice Age

Joe Wilkins
   Route 7 Outside Nacogdoches, Texas

Terri Witek
   Walking Angry in That City
   How to Lure a Lizard into a Bird Feeder
   How to Apparel Yourself for the Hunt
   Walking Houseproud

Our typical two-column poetry menu was more challenged than usual by the many long-lined titles in this issue. We’ve opted to change our menu to a single column to better accomodate now, and in future, the readability of the titles—this against the modest tradeoff of a longer scroll for your favorite poets whose last names start with the middle and later parts of the alphabet.
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