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Bedroom (In the Ear)

transient forest beyond
drums rollingwindows quivering
hold a history


the other side their dark glistening


a forest            listening            to beyond
and inward

fallen  from  suncrisp  sapling
leaflets  filled
an  old  stone  well
where  buried . . .

as the oftensong
an elusive child



through the walls of snail shellsruns
through furrows that run up each trunk


( when  a  tree  falls  in  the  forest . . .


and her white dress
vanished behind a tree

and the tree fell
and she wasn’t there

a deaf man used to hunt such children
with his trumpet
stalk the stalks with blazing


( creekbed
monkshood  praying  for a  flood . . .


in wake of a bark from its brass mouth

and lasted the moments he sought her

one song      then another

o  the  seedless  timber  scream
like  injured  rabbits . . .

until there was no one
left to singbut one last girlhidden in limbs
of one last tree

so he played a berceuse in cerulean
until its roots burst into flameand as the raucous

corvids flew away to pass away

what  birds  above
the  sound
a  hundred  rusted  hinges
garden  gates  the  ghosts
that  open  in  the  wind . . .


the girl with the voice of a vibraphone
and the trumpet

never played again

but even the silence of a room
filled with oscillating fanviolin passing through
its walls


feels like aftertaste
but does not fade
as trees scratch the windows
at one the other


listens to the inner workings of a pillow


a valleyful of children screaming

as if from deep within the ground

a distance its screams are a whisper
but clear as the billowing of trees

goodnight . . .  end  

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