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Founded in 2001 as a joint venture of the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of English and New Virginia Review, Inc.

Copyright © 2017 by Blackbird and the individual writers and artists

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Megan Blankenship
   Hail Mary

Bruce Bond

Fleda Brown
   The Art of Composition

Lisa Coffman
   Poem after the Equinox, 2015
   Why I Love the Fiddle

Erica Dawson
   Eve, clownin’ Adam
   God asked me, like he asked Job, Can you loosen Orion’s belt?

Chard deNiord
   Sunday Drive

Norman Dubie
   That Century
   The Nine Solitary Plasters of a Comedy

Susan Elbe
   Loose Page Found Inside a Notebook
   Of Time and North

Ed Falco
   While Falling to Sleep

Leah Falk
   The Machine's Guide to Grief
   Out and Back
   Sara Turing’s Archive
   States and Instructions for the Universal Machine

Jessica Franck
   Eve as 16-Year-Old Girl Who Eats an Earthworm on a Dare
   Eve as Girl with Snake Duty in 7th Grade Science

Jennifer Givhan
   Warn the Young Ones

Chloe Honum
   Love Is a Wound that Will Happen
   Stopping at a Gas Station on the Third Day of Driving Across the Country

Sophie Klahr
   From Like Nebraska

Peter Kline
   Mirrorform: Shapeshifter
   Mirrorform: The Living Dead
   Mirrorform: Visionary

Virginia Konchan
   Helen Keller at the Rodeo

Larry Levis
   In 1967

Sarah Maclay
   The Glass Sonata
   Soft Action

Laura Mccullough
   Icarus in the House of Spirits
   The Troubles of Men: Holometaboly

Elisabeth Murawski
   The Barn

Miguel Murphy
   Fukushima Winter

Catherine Pierce
   From The Compendium of Romantic Words: Delicatessen
   From The Compendium of Romantic Words: Undone
   Poem for the Speakeasy

Joy Priest
   My Father Teaches Me How to Handle a Pistol
   Spell to Reverse Loss of Memories

Joshua Robbins
   Eschatology in Crayon Wax

Solmaz Sharif
   Force Visibilty
   Mess Hall

Raena Shirali
   daayan, feet facing forward
   the procession

Alexandra Teague
   Audrey Munson, The American Venus, Reimagines Her Life as Still Life
   Baba Yaga Invites Fort Worth Girl Scout Troop #23 for a Campout
   Pandora Opens USA Today, December 3, 2015, and Drafts an Editorial

Karrie Waarala
   How to Remember
   Memory of Museum of Memory
   The Morning After

Lesley Wheeler
   Pushing toward the Canopy

Ryo Yamaguchi
   The Weeknight Showing

Serhiy Zhadan
translated from Ukranian by Alan Zhukovski
   The Air We Breathed
   Orange in a Schoolbag
   Year’s Middle

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