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FWVRC Star; an emblem worn by William Bell

   1918 Suite: Enough of Us Still and Brave Enough  

William Bell (1881–1970), of Scotland, was an architect and the author of two books, The Exodus from Houndsditch (C.W. Daniel, LTD., 1916) and A Scavenger in France (C.W. Daniel, LTD., 1920). Bell served as a noncombatant in France as a member of the Friends’ (Quakers’) War-Victims’ Relief Committee from 1917–1919. He is listed by the Fourth Report of the War Victims’ Relief Committee of the Society of Friends as one of forty-three individuals assigned to Dôle, a “Building Camp for making portable houses for the devastated areas.” His work with the FWVRC took him to locations including the Somme, Provence, the Rhône Valley, and Paris.  end