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Newton MacTavish

   1918 Suite: Enough of Us Still and Brave Enough  

Newton MacTavish (1875–1941) was a Canadian journalist, art critic, and early art historian. He became a reporter at the Toronto Globe in 1896. In addition to his articles, essays and short stories, MacTavish was the author of Thrown In (1923), The Fine Arts in Canada (1925), and Ars Longa (1938). A fourth work, Newton MacTavish’s Canada, was published posthumously in 1963. He studied English literature at McGill University while working as a correspondent and business representative of The Globe in Montreal. Between 1906 and 1926, MacTavish was the editor of Canadian Magazine in Toronto. A founder of the Arts and Letters Club (Toronto), he was also on the editorial advisory board of the Encyclopedia of Canada (1932-1935).  end