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Levis Remembered

Ilya Kaminsky
   poems from Deaf Republic
   As Soldiers March, Alfonso Covers the Boy’s Face with a Newspaper
   Firing Squad
   For His Wife
   I, This Body
   The Townspeople Circle the Boy’s Body

23rd Annual Levis Reading Prize 
a reading by prize winner Ilya Kaminsky

Colin Bailes
   Review | Deaf Republic by Ilya Kaminsky

Larry Levis
   Winter Stars
   Manuscript Variations: “Winter Stars”
   My Parents and One Good Line I Wrote at Sixteen

Hal Crowther
   Godforsaken: Of Death and Daffodils

G.C. Waldrep
   Canto Selah
   three from elegy for simone weil
         Renault / Paris / 1935
         Watch the Lame Beast Turn
         Adelma (Harrisville, N.H.)

Cate Lycurgus
   A Dream Dependent

Patricia Clark
   Diptych with Window View & Hiroshige Print
   How to Swallow the Snake
   Kubota Garden

Nima Yushij
   translated from Persian by Kaveh Bassiri

Emily Franklin
   April in Wiltshire
   Japan, Autumn

J.P. Grasser
   The Blonde Heart of Wheat
   Goshen, Virginia
   Line Dance

George Ferrandi
   A Studio Glimpse: The Wilds

Oksana Maksymchuk
   Alla Through the Looking Glass
   Suspicious Activity

David Campos
   The Singularity Keeps to Himself

Pingmei Lan
   A Good Girl

Jesse Lee Kercheval
   The Long Way Home

Remembering Eleanor Ross Taylor at One Hundred

Dan O’Brien
   A Nurse’s Tattoo
   On Symbols

Sebastián Hasani Páramo
   After El Hombre by Rufino Tamayo
   Portrait of Boy with Guitar
   Self-Portrait with Thunder & Exhaustion

Wesley Gibson
   from You Are Here: A Memoir of Arrival

Bruce Bond
   Scar 21
   Scar 22
   Scar 26

Elena Karina Byrne
   Francis Bacon Swallows the Head Whole,
   Tony Oursler and His Dummy Watchers Live On

Daniel Groves
   More Fun . . .
   Villanelle (avec Evel Knievel)

Susan Rich
   First Carpool Retrospective
   What I Learned from Bewitched

Steve Scafidi
   The Bull Leaper’s Birthday
   The Jewel

A Reading by Steve Scafidi 

Anne Bloomsburg
   For the Female Folk Singer

Tyler Mills
   Big Heart, Little Heart

Rachel Hall

Austin Segrest
   My Mother’s Morning Walks

A Reading from Scholarship Boy 

A Conversation between Larry I. Palmer & Jeffrey Blount 

Inge Pedersen
   translated from Danish by Marilyn Nelson

Erica Wagner
   Delaware & Raritan. 1850.

Emily Nemens & Christine Schutt: Tarumoto Short Fiction Prize Reading 

A Conversation with Emily Nemens & Christine Schutt

Laura Romeyn
   A Parting Stone

Daneen Wardrop
   mind’s ear
   mind’s eye

Mountain Lake Triptych (Introduction)

Susan Glasser
   The Mountain Lake Symposium and Workshop: Art in Locale

Ray Kass
   Smoke and Water

Howard Risatti
   Mountain Lake and the Collaborative Spirit

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