blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


FEATURE | May 30, 2003

Sheila Pepe's Under the F & G
   A Film by David and Michael Beasley

As Sheila Pepe installed Under the F & G at the Hand Workshop Art Center in January, 2003, she allowed Richmond filmmakers David and Michael Beasley to document her efforts as she removed ceiling panels, tied and crocheted shoelaces, and made decisions about the gallery as a drawing space. Justin Brown, a senior student in the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Sculpture, served as the interlocutor for the film, asking the questions that prompted Pepe's explanations of her process and intentions.

David and Michael Beasley have shaped the first of Blackbird's short documentaries that will explore with an artist how work is generated and made, that will track the course of creation. We thank them for their efforts, and thank as well Sheila Pepe, the Hand Workshop Art Center, and curator Ashley Kistler for their generous cooperation.

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