blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


FEATURE | August 15, 2003

Panel Discussion: The "Radically Local" in the Work of Sheila Pepe

This conversation with artist Sheila Pepe took place January 15, 2003, at the Grace Street Theater in Richmond, Virginia. Pepe comments on her work and process from "lap to gallery" in light of the idea of the radically local. Panelists and audience members provide additional commentary and questions.

Special thanks to Myron Helfgott, chair of the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Sculpture; Howard Risatti, chair of the VCU Department of Crafts; and Dinah Ryan, an art critic and contributing editor of Art Papers magazine, for their participation in the program.

In a few instances panelists and questioners are a little far back from the microphones. After launching a given audio file, we invite you to open the transcript lest you have trouble tracking any of the participants. Not to worry, Shiela Pepe, throughout, sounds out loud and clear in voice and idea.

To view a virtual slide show of the large scale crocheted installations and the drawings to which Pepe alludes in this discussion, and for a short documentary film on her Richmond installation, "Under the F & G," please follow the gallery link below to "Radically Local."