blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


PIVOT POINTS  |  Laura-Gray Street

Disposable Goods

Dusk meanders the creek, tingeing, tonguing
the thick flow where it pools along a clog

of bottles, a carburetor sunk in weed muck.
My stick weaves an oily web that breaks

and clings to phosphate foam, then fades
like a ring dropped through this sewage crust

without a glint. What could blink in that
obsidian filth if not the refuse of love?

No minnow sift; no change of heart.
Just another thing thrown away.

Spring that silts forever, dead as the spit-in
eye of a dead fish: there's a hole in this choked

throat, like a well deep enough for clear water
—but no winding down, no rope.


 Potters' Field
   Disposable Goods

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