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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.


John Allman
   Ceci N’est Pas…
   “I Reject All Likeness . . . ”
   La Moustache

Simeon Berry
from Ampersand Revisited

Abraham Burickson
   but for us they
   if an inner landscape

John Casteen
   My Time Among the Swells

Brittany Cavallaro
   Magician’s Girl
   White-Armed Persephone Walks Into His Van

Jennifer Chang
   The Lovely Theresa
   Myself—be Noon to Him
   Pastoral with Dog and Frank O’Hara
   Why I Am Not a Funny Poet: An Elegy

Victoria Chang
   Dear P. XXII
   Elegy as a Shopping List

Chad Davidson
   Portrait of a One-Legged Hero

Norman Dubie
   At the Tomb of Naiads
   The Hat Called Sky:
   The Quotations of Bone
   The Quotations of Meat
   Sif Mons & the Messenger Birth Star

Jehanne Dubrow
   In the Grand Theater
   Iron Curtain
   Purged History Of
   Three Generations

Susan Elbe
   The Dressmaker’s Daughter

Kristi Garboushian
   Canon of Disassembling an Iceberg

Pamela Garvey
    Brochure for Exile
    Eve’s Fall Through Technology

Derrick Harriell
    Letters to Jack Johnson from Joe Frazier

Lilah Hegnauer
   I am the city and you are my work of great mischief.
   The city was burning—or it wasn’t
   What They Tell You
   The world is my

Rick Hilles
   From Three Words of a Magnetic Poetry Set Found Caked in Dirt
        beneath James Merrill’s Last Refrigerator

Cynthia Hogue
   At the Lawrence Ranch

Adam Houle
   Cook Takes Stock after the Ice Road Fails

Jenny Johnson

Eve Jones
   The Edge of the Sea
   In the Afternoon Men Are Dreaming of the Dark

David Keplinger
   At Hald Hovedgaard Estate
   a five-poem sequence

Keith Montesano
   Finding Ray’s Sausage in East Cleveland on Google Earth

Donald Morrill

Paul Nemser
   Introduction to Taurus
   Attachment: Virtual Matroschka
   Dream over Dream
   from The Scrapbook of Yevgeny the Robot Arm

Catherine Pierce
   The Delinquent Girls
   The Quiet Girls
   The Drama Girls
   The Geek Girls
   She Gets Drunk and Talks Too Much at Her 20th Reunion

Dana Roeser
   That Was All I Ever Knew of Nepal

Lucinda Roy
   Diamonds in the Rough

Maggie Schwed
   Body Double
   Nights with Almanzo, Days
   Passing Through

Austin Segrest
   Phenix City
   On the Road to Damascus

Yu Shibuya
   Counting Things
   Japanese Ghosts Don’t Have Feet
   Some Things You Know Exactly

Dave Smith
   Allen Whicher’s Love Tale
   Bourbon in a Cup
   Early Bird Dog Training
   Ruffed Grouse Feeding on Moonseed Berries
   Skating Waitress at the Circle Drive-in
   Woman, Snake, Percy Sledge

Jeremy Spohr
   Tagore Variations
   a six-poem sequence

Janet Sylvester
   Sea Smoke

Tomas Tranströmer
   English translation by Patty Crane
   Sorrow Gondola, a book-length collection

K.C. Trommer
   Black Ice

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