blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1



from In Memory of Brother Dave Gardner


Now, here's a weird thing.
Remember back a year or so
when Senator Dole come on the tv
and talked about impertence?

Yeah! Like it was a fit topic!

Cocked that old bad shoulder,
looked out just as serious,
said "I want to talk to you
about erectile dysfunction
or E. D."
              I don't know
how many of you all's as weird
as I am, but when I heard that
I thought to myself, "E. D. Hm.
That stands for Elizabeth Dole."


Bless her heart.
She's gettin ready to run for the Senate
down here in North Carolina.

Got herself some extraordinary shoes to fill.

Old Jesse said he didn't have the health for it no more.

He'll still surprise you, though.
Other day an aide walked in on him
and he was up on his tippy-toes
twirlin around like a little old ballerina!

Aide said, "You okay, boss?
What're you doin?"

Said "I'm practicin for turnin over in my grave."  

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