blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsSpring 2023  Vol. 21  No.3
an online journal of literature and the arts
Julia B. Levine

Julia B. Levine is the author of several books, including Ordinary Psalms (Louisiana State University Press, 2021), winner of a 2021 Nautilus Award, and Small Disasters Seen in Sunlight (Louisiana State University Press, 2014), winner of the 2015 Northern California Book Award in Poetry. She is the recipient of first prizes in the 2020 Bellevue Literary Review poetry contest, the 2019 Public Poetry Awards, and the 2018 Tiferet Poetry Prize. Widely published and anthologized, she is a 2022 American Academy of Poetry Poet Laureate Fellow for her work in building resiliency in teenagers related to climate change through poetry, science, and technology.  end

Photo by Hannah Ayla