blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


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Burning Instead of Beauty | Joshua Poteat
Chris Burnside: A Retrospective | Chris Burnside

A Commission | Paisley Rekdal
Conte Bleu (The Blue Fairy Book) | Terri Witek
A Conversation between R. H. W. Dillard and Julia Johnson
Fahrenheit Meditation | Joshua Poteat
Grief Bird | Cornelius Eady
Hardheaded Weather | Cornelius Eady
Hitchhiking in the Dying South | Joshua Poteat
An Interview with Erin Lambert | Erin Lambert
On Faith | Erin Lambert
Our Memory, the Shining Leaves (Waterford Fair Civil War Reenactment) | Joshua Poteat
Panel Discussion: The "Radically Local" in the Work of Sheila Pepe | Sheila Pepe
Radically Local | Sheila Pepe
A Reading by Joshua Poteat
A Reading by Cornelius Eady
Reconsidering the Spiritual in Art | Donald Kuspit
From Rescuing Patty Hearst | Virginia Holman
The Scenery of Farewell (and Hello Again) | Joshua Poteat
Self Portrait as a Mourning Dove | Joshua Poteat
The Shortest Distance | Erin Lambert
The Stigmata Rather than a Punch on the Nose | Joshua Poteat
Tubman's Rock | Cornelius Eady

Oh Lucy | Chris Burnside
Sheila Pepe's Under the F & G | David and Michael Beasley