blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsFall 2010  Vol. 9  No. 2
Nujoom Al Ghanem
translation by Khaled Mattawa

Nujoom Al Ghanem, both a poet and a prize–winning filmmaker, was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Following a career as a journalist for the Abu Dhabi newspaper Almaraa Alyaum, she earned a degree in television production from Ohio University and a Master’s degree in film production from Griffith University School of Film in Australia. Her seven poetry collections include Layloun Thakilon Alla Allayle [Heavy Night on the Night] (2010), Malaikat Al-Ashwaaq Al-Baeeda [Angels of Distant Longing] (2008), La Wasf Lima Ana Feeh [No Describing What I Am In] (2005), Manazel Al–Jilnaar [Homes of Pomegranate Blossoms] (2000), Rawahel [Journeyings] (1996), Al–Jarair [The Sins] (1991), and Masaa Al–Janah [Evening of Heaven] (1989). Alghanem has also made multiple documentary films, including Hamam (2010), Between Two Banks (1999), and Al Mureed, winner of the Best Documentary in the Gulf from the 2008 Emirates Film Competition.  end