blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsFall 2010  Vol. 9  No. 2
Soad Al Kuwari

translation by Fatima Mostafawi with Patty Paine
   The Flood

translation by Sara Al Qatami with Patty Paine
   Modernity in the Desert

Soad Al Kuwari was born in Doha and graduated from Qatar University. She has published five poetry collections: Malikat al–Jibal (2004), Wareethat al–Sahraa (2001), Bahtan ani al–Omr (2001), Bab Jadeed li–Dukhoul (2001), and Lam Takun Rouhi (2000). Her work has appeared in many Arabic newspapers and several anthologies, including Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia, and Beyond (Norton, 2008). She has participated in events such as the Doha Cultural Festival and the al–Begrawiya Festival, Sudan, as well as poetry festivals in the United Arab Emirates, France, Yemen, Switzerland, and Colombia.  end