Blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsSpring 2012 v11n1
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Deleted Scenes

Wynona carrying the torch;
            Wynona on a float.
Wynona in a sandwich board
            with one side urging, “Vote

Wynona,” and the other, “Don’t.”
            Wynona as the star
of Wynona Stone, the Musical,
            playing her avatar.

Wynona close to victory;
            Wynona in a crown;
Wynona, hidden, fiddling
            as Pleasant Bluff burns down.

Wynona on a unicycle;
            Wynona going pro;
Wynona someplace tropical,
            the Weatherman in tow,

or catapulted, zero G,
            to reach a future date
when, exiting her time machine,
            she sets the record straight.

Wynona with a three-tier trophy,
            world’s best boss or daughter;
Wynona in a life preserver
            rising from the water

on skis while, all aboard, the Stones
            take off across the lake,
Wynona sore but hanging on—
            and happy—in their wake.    

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