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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.

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Introductions Reading Loop

Mike Antosia

Tanaz Bhathena
   A Moment’s Indulgence

Renée Branum
   The Devil in the Water

Jamison Crabtree

Brianna Noll
   All The Songs Are About You and Me and Our Agoraphobic Dog
   At the Chinese Opera
   The Doctors Say It’s Tinnitus

Saara Myrene Raappana
   Elegy with Lake Effect
   The Nervous System Speaks

Will Schutt
   After Music
   Apparitions and Incarnations
   Postcard of Peter Lorre Embracing Lotte Lenya, 1929

Phillip B. Williams
   Bend as Would a God
   In Harmony

Eleanor Ross Taylor
   Fifteen Poems and Drafts

In Celebration of Eleanor Ross Taylor 

First Novelist Reading Loop

David Gordon
   from The Serialist
   Vampires of Queens

Alan Cheuse
   Publishing and Building a Career 

Alexander Lumans
   Signs and Wonders

Caki Wilkinson
   The Wynona Poems 

Karen Donovan
   From a Catalogue for a Colorist

Mary Biddinger
   A Coin-Operated Paramour and a Half
   Coin-Operated Rattle without a Snake
   Some Dead Magic

Richard B. Woodward
   Visions from the Congo 

R.T. Smith
   Col. Othniels Sweet’s Mysteries of Nature, #11 (blackbirds)
   Col. Othniels Sweet’s Mysteries of Nature, #14 (auto-combustion)
   Col. Othniels Sweet’s Mysteries of Nature, #103 (divining)
   Col. Othniels Sweet’s Mysteries of Nature, #110 (soiled doves)

Saeed Jones

Andrew Kozma
   Essence and Justification
   Where Humans Live Roaches

Daneen Wardrop
   Blue Jay and Something Else
   From a Place Other than the Lake
   If Never the Why then at the Least the How

Greg Glazner
   from Opening the World

Roxane Beth Johnson
   Mulatto Sermon
   Patient Sermon
   Sermon on Form
   Solo on Nudity

Natalie Peeterse

Andrew Allport
   Keats, Climbing

Leia Darwish
   Journal of Responses

Alex Dimitrov
   And Night Illuminated the Night

Susan Nitida
   Long Spoons

Brian Bouldrey & John Bresland
   Hook video

Lauren Goodwin Slaughter
   Welcome to Paradise

Scott Cairns
   Further Possible Answers to Prayer
   Irreducible is what I’m after,

Gavin Flood & Charles Martin
   The Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 1)

Chris Haven
   The Boy Shows the Girl His Country

Peyton Marshall
   The Other Hemisphere

Aleš Šteger
   translations by Brian Henry
   The museum of museum guards

Cynthia Cruz

George Kalamaras
   Hall of the Imperial Silkworm

Karin Gottshall

Terri Witek
   So Look Up Already

Mark Irwin
   Brief Father

Mark Jarman
   American Devotions

O. Ayes
   all of a sudden the ruin of possibilities and novelty
   variations of the luminous hour, metro station

Richard Katrovas
   The Magic Book: Why I Thought Publishing a Book Would Change Everything

Elizabeth King
   VCU Sculpture: The Formative Years video

Walter Hart Blumenthal (1883-1969)
   The World’s Most Curious Books

Michaux Dempster
   Review | The Family Fang, by Kevin Wilson

Katelyn Kiley
   Review | Don’t Kill the Birthday Girl, by Sandra Beasley

Emilia Phillips
   Review | Chapbook Omnibus Review

David Roderick
   Review | Atlas Hour, by Carol Ann Davis

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