blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsSpring 2014  Vol. 13  No. 1
Circe Maia
translations by Jesse Lee Kercheval

Circe Maia is the author of nine books of poetry, including her collected poems, Obra po├ętica (Rebeka Linke Editoras, 2007). She has also written an autobiographical novel, Un Viaje a Salto (Ediciones del Nuevo Mundo, 1987), which was published in a bilingual edition in the U.S. by Swan Isle Press in 2004. In the novel, Maia recounts her experience of the 1972 civic-military dictatorship in Uruguay, in which military police invaded her home and arrested her husband due to his support of the MLN-Tupamaros, leaving Maia behind with the couple’s youngest daughter, to whom she had just given birth. She has lived most of her life in Tacuaremb├│ in northern Uruguay.  end