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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.

Copyright © 2014 by Blackbird and the individual writers and artists

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Virginia Commission for the Arts

Culture Works


Amy Arthur
   Cast Net

Melissa Barrett
   Everyone Here Is a Tourist
   Your Virtue Unswerving, But Miles from Any Mark

Michael Bazzett
   The Actress
   The Date
   The School

Oliver Bendorf
   Blue Boy

Melissa Ginsburg

Rodney Gomez

Ralph Hamilton
   His long & glowing tail

Jen Hirt
   Why Not Malachite for Resurrection

Ailish Hopper
   Circle in the Grass

Matthew Hotham
   Without Like or As

Andrew Kozma
   And Here It Seems the Author Died
   Huge Piece of Building

Len Krisak
translating from the Latin
   Catullus: Carmina, XXXIX
   Catullus: Carmina, XL

Circe Maia
translated from the Spanish by Jesse Lee Kercheval
   The Bridge
   A Horrible Shock
   In Memoriam

Sally Wen Mao
   Dirt-eating Poem
   Metamorphic Diary
   Myopia: A Cartography

Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum

L.S. McKee
   Adam at the Garden’s Edge
   Company Town
   Shark’s Tooth

Meg McKeon
   I Didn’t Tell You I Wanted to Feel Your Chin at the Nape of My Neck
   I’ll Make Dinner Tonight

Tyler Mills
   Dream of the Morning Before It Split Open
   Hypothesis: An Interview
   Negative Peeled Back from a Cardboard Album
   Voice of a Silhouette

Liam O’Brien
   Revenge of the Love Song of the Boy Parachutist

Dan Rosenberg
   The City
   The Field
   New Food
   Spacemen Specimen

F. Daniel Rzicznek
   Of Earth
   Of Current
   Of Hardship
   Of Opposites
   Of Religion

Jane Satterfield
   Angel of Becoming
   Landscape and Departure

Shane Seely
   The Death of Roland Barthes
   Peter Sellers on The Muppet Show

Anis Shivani
   Translations from Lorca

Tom Sleigh
with paintings by Michael Hafftka

Sidney Wade
   The Chickasaw Trees

Mark Wagenaar
   Ghost Hour Gospel

Ron Wallace
   The House Always Wins
   The Rapture

Ryan Walsh

Joe Wilkins

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