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translation from the Slovene by Brian Henry

When You Get Out of Prison
Povšetova Street, Ljubljana

When you get out of prison, we will take a walk together
to old pubs that are now dilapidated banks.
Incurable diseases and supermarkets have spread,
the planet’s lungs are afflicted, exit not allowed.

When you get out of prison, my champion with the magic
beret (otherwise completely naked), we will sunbathe together
in spacious courtyards, where lizards lie, bright green
like childhood times, a nest under a dry gutter,

a water man and the Soča at its source. Someone, not I,
rushes up at this moment and raises his baritone voice,
how it’s time now for surrender, conciliatory
handshakes, de-inked tattoos and other light matters.

Large as a mountain, someone, not I, barges to the door
and leaves drunken company to listen for news from outside
so later he will not be accused of silence, indifferent
public opinion and bird flu, when you get out of prison.  end  

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