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Introductions Reading Loop

Joshua Bennett
   On Flesh
   Samson Reconsiders

Anders Carlson-Wee
   Flood of ’97
   The Raft

Michelle E. Iwen
   The Joy of Baking

Hiba Krisht
   A Cocoon That Would Break

Celeste Lipkes

Jon Chaiim McConnell
   Learned in the Old Ways

Kat Meads
   P’town Triolets for the Poet Maisel (1942–2006)

Emily Vizzo
   Sea Cow
   Your Death vs. My Death

Louis Draper
   The Character of Everyday People

Tomaž Šalamun
translated from the Slovene by Brian Henry
   Blue Flower

Vedran Husić
   Translated from the Bosnian

Jenny Browne
   From Which the Method of Drawing in Space Between the Trees Instead of the Trees
      Themselves Might Well Be Employed
   In the Unlikely Event of a Water Landing
   Jean Valentine Was Here
   Nine Miles outside Comfort, Texas
   The Oldest Story

Period Responses to The Birth of a Nation 
   “Fighting Race Calumny” from The Crisis (1915)
Micheaux’s Within Our Gates, full-length film & review (1920)

A Reading by Patricia Smith 

Stephen Haven
   Equal, Always Equal, to the Inexpressible

Rebecca Black

Kimberly L. Becker

Jacob Boyd
   Eight Million in Cash from Armored Cars

Kathy Flann
   Show of Force

Lawrence Sutin
   Can I Find a Thing to Carry Forever?

Gentris L. Jointe
   The Other Side
   Waiting for the Diverted Trolley at 40th & Market St.

C.L. O’Dell
   Dear Animal
   He Thinks in Squares and Melted Grass

Lauren Hilger
   Almanac of What’s Real

Richard Carlyon
   Flight Song 

Lynne Elson
   from A Blessed Unrest

David Wojahn
   Can Poetry Save Your Life? A Brief Investigation

Emilia Phillips
   Pastoral (Future Interstate)
   Pastoral (Radio)
   Pastoral (With One’s Head Out the Car Window)

Emilia Phillips
   Lodge: A Lyric Essay

Laura Van Prooyen
   San Antonio Dogs

Sarah Crossland
   Death Mask

Rosalie Moffett
   Outside Pasco
   Rosalie Ruth Moffett
   Weird Prayers

Matt Donovan
   Almost a Full Year of Stone, Light, and Sky

Duffie Taylor
   Panama City

Diane Seuss
   A Poet Came to Town
   As a child I ate and mourned.
   It’s Like This

Aleš Debeljak
translated from the Slovene by Brian Henry
   Schoolboy’s Blues
   When You Get Out of Prison
   Yesterday a House, Today Nothing

Lynda Fleet Perry
   No Distant Whir on the Hard Road: The Lyric Acuity
      of Margaret Gibson

A Poetic Principles Reading: Hal Crowther & Margaret Gibson 

Amy Kurzweil
   This is a Love Story

Benjamin Goldberg
   Foregone Psalm
   Sound Wall

Carol Ann Davis
   Failing Big: What Elizabeth Bishop Teaches Poets about the Twofold
      “Never Again” of Emotion and Craft

Myron Helfgott
   An Inventory of My Thoughts 

Elisa Karbin
   The Auspices

Laura Kolbe
   Fatti maschii parole femine

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet
   Six Explanations for Migraine

A Reading by T.R. Hummer 

Jeff Whitney

Matthew Minicucci
   Brief Song of the Almost-Lost

Kyle McCord
   Disciplining the Body
   Elegy for the Deodand
   Politics of the Afterlife

First Novelist Reading Loop

Helene Wecker
   from The Golem and the Jinni

Cabell First Novelist Award 2014
   A Reading 
   Panel Discussion 
   A Conversation 

Chelsea Gillenwater
   Review | The Golem and the Jinni, by Helene Wecker

Chard deNiord
   Poem on My 60th Birthday

Sam Pereira
   Ambien Oatmeal

Allan Peterson
   I Saw Everything
   Things on Purpose

Tomás Q. Morín
   I Sing the Body Aquatic

Tomás Q. Morín
   Digging into the Dark

Caitlin Doyle
   Review | And Short the Season, by Maxine Kumin

Chelsea Gillenwater
   Review | Sister Golden Hair, by Darcey Steinke

Matthew Phipps
   Review | My Sunshine Away, by M.O. Walsh

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Review | Roget’s Illusion, by Linda Bierds

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