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Levis Remembered

Leila Chatti
   from Deluge 
   The Blood
   Portrait of the Illness as Nightmare 

   New Poems
   Echo Discusses Desire with the Trees
   Pearl Ghazal

Gregory Donovan
   Seeing Through the Wren as a Lens

Brandon Young
   Review | Deluge by Leila Chatti

Larry Levis
   To a Wren on Calvary
   Some Notes on the Gazer Within

Stephen Dunn
   Larry Levis in Syracuse

torrin a. greathouse
   My Friend Tells Me I've Got to Stop Letting My Enemies Live Rent Free in My Head
   Still Life of Central Valley with Fog Cannons

A Correspondence with torrin a. greathouse

Tomaž Šalamun
   translated from Slovene by Brian Henry
   Twelve Poems

Song Lin
   translated from Chinese by Dong Li
   The Death of Osip Mandelstam
   Providence and Prophesy
   Tower of Enchantment

Wesley Gibson
   from You Are Here: A Memoir of Arrival

Eleanor Rufty
   Paintings within Paintings

Gea Haff
   Wynwood Black

Pablo Piñero Stillmann
   Elegy for Us Both

Barbara Tran
   Four Cardinals
   Long Division

Anuel Rodriguez
   Flight Paths
   Notes from the White City

Wyn Cooper
   Somerville Avenue

Kevin Cantwell
   The Week Before Christmas

John Sibley Williams
   The Moon Is Two Half-Moons Joined Together

Frances Boyle
   Camel Hair Coat
   Rocking Chair

Inge Pederson
   translated from Danish by Marilyn Nelson
   Putting a Letter in a Mailbox

Leah Tieger
   Packing the Car
   Where Your Sister Danced in Other Years We Flee and Shelter

A Conversation with Artist and Author Joan Gaustad

Lauren Camp
   Echinopsis pachanoi
   One Plus One Minus One
   Our Daily Ration

Matthew Pitt
   Four Corners

Anna Journey
   Experimental Perfume Class in Which I 'Scent' the Folkloric With Baba Yaga
   My Grandparents' Velvet Painting of the Last Supper

Barbara Duffey
   The Theoktistria

Deya Bhattacharya
   Gin and Peach

Larry I. Palmer
   On Learning to Love the Sea

A Reading by Camille T. Dungy

Claire Wahmanholm
   Deathbed Dream With Extinction List
   The Future
   In a Land Where Everything Is Trying to Kill You, I Teach You to Be an Autotomist
   Missing Glossary

Wynn Hungerford
   August of '80

Ron Block
   My Country, My Cousins
   3Rs: A Sentimental Journey

Justin Rovillos Monson
   Conjure Song
   Ode to the Dozens Ending with Me & My Dogs

A White Man’s Party: Selections from The Crisis at the Century Mark
A suite of historical texts from 1921 by Walter F. White, Anise (Anna Louise Strong) and M.G. Allison, addressing voter suppression, racist violence, and anti-lynching efforts.

Walter F. White
   Election Day in Florida

   [When the SUFFRAGE law]

M.G. Allison
   The Lynching Industry

The Crisis
   The Vote [. . . a white man’s party]
   The Klu Klux Menace
   NAACP [Tulsa Riots]
   It Is to Laugh

Ashley Kistler
   Hope Wall RVA, 2020–21
   Hope Wall Slide Show

Heather Sellers
   Category Five
   Dinner on the Patio, December
   Transubstantiation at the Aquatic Life Research Center

Alan Fang
   Follow the Pen (随笔)
   Safe Passage

Leah Poole Osowski

Blackbird Editors
   Recommendations & Reviews of work by
      Benjamin Gucciardi
      Megan Hunter
      Taylor Johnson
      Arhm Choi Wild


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