blackbirdonline journalFall 2009  Vol. 8  No. 2
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From Mined Muzzle Velocity


     Friendly fire divulges just who shoots.
     Prettiness no good for injury prevention.
     Position & identification vital signs.
     Shall we tell. All of our garments could
     almost be called armor. Mail, the inter-
     locking, mail, protect the zones im-
     possible to plate.

     People here hold jobs inconsistent
     with their training—there is not enough
     work to follow the tricky hunt trail.

     They tell me the language how difficult
     the language is. They do not see
     the humor in that. I should know. But
     as pride burrows, cases collect.

     The cold glasses my skin. I challenge
     penetration of furtive hide.

    The news announced a Cold Holiday for
    the north. My landlady rang my doorbell,

    asked to borrow sugar—translatable
    trope, cook the holiday away.
    Instinctual body paint mixed from spices
    & water. We painted one another all dawn
    & huddled the radiator. No hot water, so
    slept the morning in vibrants.

    Yrs.  end
   Contributor’s notes
   A System Pamphlet (With Illustration of How They Hide)
   In a Time of Excess and Hopeless Transport

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