blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.


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Black Light (II), by David St. John
Breakfasts with Joachim
, by Philip Levine
Canzone, by Mark Jarman
Chestnut, by David St. John
Crawdads on the Styx, by R. T. Smith
Clockwork Prayer: A Sixteenth-Century Mechanical Monk, by Elizabeth King
Deliverance, by Peggy Shumaker
Disappearing Act, by Eleanor Ross Taylor
Dollar Bill, by Michael Chitwood
Dream House, by Lily Tuck
Drifting Boat, by Margaret Gibson
Empty Bed Blues, by George Garrett
Fox Fire at the Changing Tree, by Margaret Gibson
Flight Song, by Richard Carlyon
Fugue, by Romulus Linney
He Said Discipline is the Highest Form of Love, by Beckian Fritz Goldberg
from In Memory of Brother Dave Gardner, by Henry Taylor
Incident in the Sublime, by Wyatt Prunty
Mencken and Me, by Hal Crowther
Miniature Man, by Carrie Brown
Mirage, by John Hoppenthaler
Murk, by David St. John
Nero, by David St. John
Next Morning Letter, by Margaret Gibson
Night Blooming Jasmine, by Peggy Shumaker
On the Bus, by Manuel Martinez
The Other Side, by Rachel Hadas
Past Immaculate, by Beckian Fritz Goldberg
The Perils of Censorship, by R. T. Smith
The Potatoes, by Marilyn Nelson (translating Inge Peterson)
Salat, by E. Ethelbert Miller
The Saved, by Michael Chitwood
Summer Birds and Flowers, by Margaret Gibson
This is the Age of Beautiful Death, by John Dufresne
Want, by Marilyn Nelson (translating Inge Peterson)
What the Deaf Long to Hear, by Peggy Shumaker
Wound, by Marilyn Nelson (translating Inge Peterson)
Yes?, by Eleanor Ross Taylor
Zuni Ring, by David St. John