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Founded in 2001 as a joint venture of the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of English and New Virginia Review, Inc.

Copyright © 2018 by Blackbird and the individual writers and artists

ISSN 1540-3068


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Introductions Reading Loop  

Elvira Basevich
   The Way I Scream
   Would You Believe It?

Sonal Kohli
   10 Bela Road

James Leech
   A Riot

Kwova Fagin Maples
   What Yields

Emily Nemens
   After Incus

Melissa Stephenson

Chioma Urama

Paul Guest
   Poem at Altitude

Linda Bierds
   Virginia Woolf at Seventeen: The Warboys Journal One
   Virginia Woolf at Seventeen: The Warboys Journal Two

Victoria Chang
   OBIT (Hope)
   OBIT (Victoria)
   OBIT (Voicemail)

AWP Panel: Tribute to Dave Smith 

Bernard Martin
   Perhaps He Should Have Stayed in the City

Claudia Emerson Reading Loop
Introduction and Table of Contents

Claudia Emerson
Poems from Claude Before Time and Space
appearing previously in Blackbird
   v15n1 (opens in archive)

   v13n2 (opens in archive)
      Bird Ephemera

Emilia Phillips
Reprint of a 2014 email interview with Claudia Emerson
   Introduction to Claudia Emerson’s Poems in Waxwing    

Catherine MacDonald
   Bird Study
   Elegy with Barred Owl
   A Note on the Art in the Oncologist’s Office
   Sentinel Species

   Until There Is Nothing Else to Tell

Katie Chaple
   Black Holes Collide
   In Trevi, One Town over from Spoleto on the Train

Nancy Reddy
   The Braided Stream
   Landscape with Deer, Mites, and Aircraft
   Ordinary Pleasure

Henk Rossouw

Wesley Gibson
   You Are Here

Roy Bentley
   Death at the Lakeshore

Z.G. Tomaszewski
   Searching This City’s Thrift Stores for Mirrors

Negar Emrani
translated from Farsi by Kaveh Akbar
   A Mirror Never Lies

Lauren Barbato
   Former Marys

A Reading by Gretchen Comba & Karen Solie 

Jessie van Eerden
   What I Want Your Voice to Do

Michelle Boisseau
   Rapunzel, with Contrast
   Sleeping Puppy and Hedgehog: Rembrandt and Dürer
   Swooping through Broken Windows

Gail Wronsky
   Breton in Mexico
   Elegy for Claire Kageyama-Ramakrishnan

Patricia Colleen Murphy
   Jet Lag

Christopher Citro
   Anyway and Try to Stay Alive on What It Gives Us

Cynthia Hogue
   Regarding Others’ Pain

Dan O'Brien

   Kandahar to Canada

Hala Alyan
   For Jamaica, for Ru
   A Love Letter to My Panic
   New Year
   Post-Election Morning

1917 Suite   
 A Term, a Month, a Year of Liberty
   Introduction and Table of Contents spanning two issues, including:
      The Silent Sentinels and the Night of Terror (v17n1)
      The NAACP’s Silent Parade (v16n2)

Parker Bauer
   Winging It

Paige Webb
   Inside excitement is a strand of terror

Iain Haley Pollock
   Liver Sulfur
   The Changing Table

Charlene Logan Burnett
   Boardwalk ’62

Janice Majewski
   sometimes kicked rocks don't land where
   there are jawless fish

Cabell First Novelist Award Reading Loop

Jade Chang
   from The Wangs vs. the World

Cabell First Novelist Award 
   A Reading by Jade Chang
   Panel Discussion

Emily Block
   Review | The Wangs vs. the World by Jade Chang

Kate Reed Petty
   Live Oak

Andrew Grace
   from The Last Will and Testament of Said Gun

Tyler Goldman

A Reading by David Wojahn & Clint McCown 

Chelsea Gillenwater
   Review | Everything Here Is Beautiful by Mira T. Lee

Kathryn Levy
   Review | Clinch River by Susan Hankla

Matthew Phipps
   Review | Stephen Florida by Gabe Habash

Cassie Pruyn
   Review | Cherokee Road Kill by Celia Bland

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