blackbirdonline journalFall 2009  Vol. 8  No. 2
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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.


Review | And So, by Joel Brouwer | Ron Slate
Review | Colosseum, by Katie Ford | Shanley Jacobs
Review | If Birds Gather Your Hair for Nesting, by Anna Journey | Randy Marshall
Review | Incident at the Edge of Bayonet Woods, by Paula BohinceLaura Van Prooyen
Review | The Lions, by Peter Campion | Ron Slate
Review | Miscreants, by James Hoch | Grant White
Review | Salvinia Molesta, by Victoria Chang | Susan Settlemyre Williams

Abiquiú | Maureen Seaton
Alice Coltrane and Discovers the World and G/god is B/born | Ruth Ellen Kocher
Americaland | David Lynn   
And Ever | Jake Adam York
Antidote to the Chaos of Imagination | Christopher Burawa
The Apple Pipe | Kevin Cantwell  
As I Remember It | Elisabeth Murawski
Beirut | Katie Ford
Brainstrips | Alan Bigelow
Colony | R. T. Smith
The Common Swallow | David Caudle   
Condolence for the Blind Mori | Christopher Burawa  
Contemplating Jailbreak: Reflections on the Career of Eleanor Ross TaylorSusan    Settlemyre Williams
Cucuy | Marcela Fuentes
Dark Ages | Katrina Vandenberg
[ the dead worm their way through glacial till ] | Sandy Longhorn
An excerpt from Devil’s Dream, June 1854 | Madison Smartt Bell
D Ghazal | Katrina Vandenberg
Disabled Odyssey | Shirley Stephenson
Doppler | Leah Dunham
During the Final Scene | Lisa Fay Coutley
Easter Evening | Katie Ford
Februarsuiten | Ron Winkler   
February Jinks | Rodney Nelson   
Fiddle–dee–dee | R. T. Smith   
Fractured Aubade : The Gods of Dawn :: Eating Grapes: | Darren Morris   
from Mined Muzzle Velocity | Jennifer Fortin
Some Notes On The Gazer Within | Larry Levis   
Home Ownership and Self Defense | R. T. Smith
House | Carolyne Wright
I | Gerald Stern
Imogen Cunningham’s “My Father At Sixty” | Paisley Rekdal
In a Time of Excess and Hopeless Transport | Jennifer Fortin
It’s Love that Pushes Stockings Down | M. L. Brown   
January | Michelle Brafman
Laura Gilpin’s “Navajo Shepherd Boy” | Paisley Rekdal
Light or Dark Speech| William Olsen
Linnets | Larry Levis
Little Goat | Katie Ford   
The Monkey Whose Job It Used to Be to Sit on Miss Peach’s Shoulder Takes Up Olde Timey
   Music| Catie Rosemurgy
Monosonnet for Rodents, Interrupted | Sherman Alexie
Mother’s Home Ritual for Quenching Fires | M. L. Brown   
Mysteries of Memory | Carolyne Wright   
Natural Bridge | Leah Dunham  
Near Sleep in a Smoky Room | Danielle Hanson   
Nightlife | Sofia M. Starnes   
Old Country | Julie Danho
1–800–BUTTERBOLLY | Adrian Dorris   
Oskar’s Cars | Sarah Vap
Outdoor Room | A. V. Christie
Perennial | Laura Van Prooyen
Powwow Ghazal | Sherman Alexie   
Practice | Shirley Stephenson
Rattlesnake Country | Airin Miller   
Self–Portrait & Other Calculations | Peter Shippy
Self–Portrait in a Tourist’s Snapshots | Alison Pelegrin   
Sex & Petroglyphs | Maureen Seaton
Signs | A. V. Christie
Sighting | Katie Ford
The Singing | Katie Ford   
Slow Saunter of Wither | Dawn Lonsinger
A Soul Addresses Her Beloved in the Non–Green Zone | Chard deNiord
string theory | Ruth Ellen Kocher
Subway Song, Interrupted | Sherman Alexie
A System Pamphlet (With Illustration of How They Hide) | Jennifer Fortin
Tidal Volume | Shirley Stephenson
Twenty Line Sonnet | Peter Cooley
Why to Bury a Parrot | Lisa Fay Coutley
Willingly | A. V. Christie