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Levis Remembered
   Reading Loop Introduction & Table of Contents

Larry Levis
   Elegy with a Darkening Trapeze Inside It
   Ghost Confederacy
   God Is Always Seventeen
   La Strada
   The Necessary Angel
   A Singing in the Rocks

Cabell Library Levis Collection
   Larry Levis with Nick Levis
   Larry Levis, 1980

David St. John
   The Darkening Trapeze: The Uncollected Poems of Larry Levis

Anna Journey
   Ghost Confederacy: Meditation on the Haunted Lyric; Richmond,
      Virginia; and Three Debut Poetry Collections

Michael McGriff
   new poems
   Figures in the Landscape 
   Reasons for Staying 
   The Watch 
   poems from Home Burial
   The Cow 
   In February 
   New Civilian 
   Note Left for My Former Self 

16th Annual Levis Reading Prize
   A Reading by Michael McGriff 
        introduced by Katherine Bassard,
        Gregory Donovan, & David Wojahn
   A Conversation with Michael McGriff 

Lena Moses-Schmitt
   Review | Home Burial, by Michael McGriff

A Reading by Tom Sleigh 

Norman Dubie
   The Carceral
   Last Page of His First Novel, Called The Sisters Grim.
   Snow Down in Hong Kong

Christopher Munde

Adrian Dorris
   Of Rivers and Caves

Amy Tudor
   Death Is Not a Cormorant

R.H.W. Dillard
   Radical Primaticism

Manuel Martinez
   from Miami Don’t Know

John W. Evans
   Young Widower

Eric Tanyavutti

David Wojahn
   Unlikely Magic
   on Airmail: The Letters of Robert Bly and Tomas Tranströmer

Mark Strand

Brian Teare
   The Argument
   The Fire
   The Scab
   The Stairs

Edward Mayes
   [In London, 1973, watching Ultimo Tango a Parigi]
   [Because the queue was far longer for the question]
   [To those of us who would rather be alive]
   [The shutters close slowly in the camera]
   [After we found the sack of tchotchkes in the garage]

Michael C. Peterson
   [For fury the Penitent may say]
   [So long on Tantrum now]
   [Something of occupation]
   [When gluttony is less than ruinous]

Catherine Pierce
   The Tornado Visits the Town
   The Teenager Watches the Tornado in Her Rearview
   After the Tornado, the Checkout Clerk Considers Leaving

Norman Lock
   from Alphabets of Desire and Sorrow: A Book of Imaginary Colophons
   Alphabet of Barbed Wire
   Alphabet of the Peacock’s Eyes
   Alphabet of Stones

Sandra Beasley
   The Traveler’s Vade Mecum, Line #346: “The Banks Have Begun to Contract”
   The Traveler’s Vade Mecum, Line #1181: “The Calamity is Not Serious”
   The Traveler’s Vade Mecum, Line #4646: “Vegetation Grows Rapidly”

Wyn Cooper

Anne Germanacos
   At this moment

Mathias Svalina
   The Wine-Dark Sea (I)
   The Wine-Dark Sea (II)
   The Wine-Dark Sea (III)
   The Wine-Dark Sea (IV)

Julian Street
   Why I Became a Cubist

B.A. Newmark
   In a City of Red Ideas
   Soon, We Will Give In

Dan O’Brien
   The Rapping | from The House in Hydesville

Allison Titus
   The True Book of Animal Homes

Jeanne Murray Walker
   November, Two AM
   Something to Work With
   Trying to Save You
   The Two Selves
   Where Can I Go to Find You

Eric Thompson
   Happy Here for a Minute

Matthew Phipps
   Review | The Listeners, by Leni Zumas

Diane Seuss
   Is there still a Betty in this new life?
   It Seems Like a Poem Should Smile Wide, with Rotten Teeth
   We fear the undulant

Alexandra Teague
   House Raising

Leah Soderberg

Alfredo Franco
   The European Movie

Rebekah Remington
   Little Invocation
   My Head a Pine Cabinet with Female Cardinal Ascending

Julie Hensley
   At the Bottom

Aditi Machado
   A new science

Rebekah Zhuraw
   Sonnet for Nietzsche

Edward Hower

Susan Aizenberg
   Eleanor Writes She’s Reading Rimbaud
   In The Show We've Been Watching The Unloved Beautiful
   July at Rose Blumkin

Sidney Burris
   Aubade: Homesong
   Dream Cargo

Iliana Rocha
   Elegy 2
   I Leave
   La Estrella

Corinna McClanahan Schroeder
   Haibun for the Grantham Station Platform
   Ritual with Seven Selves

Caitlin Doyle
   Review | Westerly, by Will Schutt

Kristen Radtke

Katherine Hubbard

Peter Schertz
   Portrait Statue of Caligula

Maya Sarishvili
translated from the Georgian by Nene Giorgadze and Timothy Kercher
   [Let my husband know]
   [New days are like the changing of water.]

Yang Jian
translated from the Chinese by Ye Chun and Paul B. Roth
   Secret Kindness
   Winter Day

L.S. Klatt
   A Moral Color

John Hoppenthaler
   Some Men

Sara Sams
   The Marriage Voyage of Juan Ramón Jiménez 1916

A Reading by Tarfia Faizullah & Jamaal May 

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Review | My Bayou: New Orleans through the Eyes of a Lover, by Constance Adler

Constance Adler
   Not Dead Yet

Laura Van Prooyen
   Review | Mezzanines, by Matthew Olzmann

Blackbird/Diode Reading, AWP 2013 

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