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Founded in 2001 as a joint venture of the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of English and New Virginia Review, Inc.

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Levis Remembered

   Larry Levis
   Ghost Confederacy
   Winter Stars

   Kaveh Akbar
      poems from Calling a Wolf a Wolf
   Portrait of The Alcoholic with Home Invader and
   Thirstiness is Not Equal Division 

      new poems
   Against Memory
   What I Am Looking for Is What Is Looking 

   21st Annual Levis Reading Prize 
   a reading by prize winner Kaveh Akbar

   A Conversation with Kaveh Akbar 

   Rosanna Oh
   Review | Calling a Wolf a Wolf by Kaveh Akbar

T.R. Hummer
Body Swayed to Music: Levine among the Musicians 

Benjamin Boone & Philip Levine
The Poetry of Jazz 

Sam Pereira
Approaching Afterlife
The Flavors of Despair

Ann Townsend
Dear Delinquent
O Felon Heart
The Seal

Lisa Russ Spaar
Geisha Madrigal
Mate Madrigal
Mistress Madrigal
St-Germaine Madrigal

Jeanne Larsen
Polyphemus, Shy & Likely on the Spectrum, Loves
Trans-Trans-Human Teiresias Urges—Having

Kate Daniels
Breast Cancer
End of the Marriage
Rethinking the Burning of Books

Larry I. Palmer
Call Me by My Name

Wendy Mitman Clarke
Civil Twilight

1918 Suite 

   Ellen Bryant Voigt
   Eight poems from Kyrie
   A Reading from Kyrie 
   Setting Truth to Music

   Brian Bouldrey
   One Singer to Mourn

   Chana Orloff
   Bois Gravés

   Ary Justman
   from Réflexions Poétiques

   W.E. Anthony
   His First Case

   1918 Time Capsule
   A Masked Parade 1918  

Jordan Durham Suggests Visiting the Ultraviolet Apocalypse

Kate Gaskin
Delta, Echo, Alpha, Romeo
Operations Suite
Poem in Which My Husband Deploys and Our Baby and I Move Back in with My Parents

Vedran Husić
Mobilization, 1914

Lauren Michele Jackson
Tara’s Suit

Henry Taylor
Remembering George Garrett

Richard Carlyon
selected work from Reynolds Gallery

   A Network of Possibilities
   by Ashley Kistler

   Curating the Grand Hotel
   by Paul Ryan

   Dick Carlyon
   by Chris Burnside

   Table of Figures & Slideshow

A Reading by Mark Doty & Lina María Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas 

Kristina Faust
The Bus of Mrs. M.
A Record of Us

Brandon Amico
Nothing But
Planet Nine

Brandon Courtney

Sandra Marchetti

Francis Santana
Ann Arbor
How to Jump Fences

Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Coming Home

Brian Henry
Translation: An Essay

Rob Shapiro
Major Arcana: How My Father Got to Reno

Jon Pineda
from Let’s No One Get Hurt

A Reading by Jon Pineda 

Chelsea Gillenwater
Review | Let’s No One Get Hurt by Jon Pineda

Jacqueline Goldfinger
Playwright’s Notes
Director’s Commentary
The Arsonists

Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Reincarnation at the Wallingford Animal Shelter

Taneum Bambrick
Grave by the Lake
Road Salvage

Wynne Hungerford
Distress Cries of a Cottontail Rabbit

Tarumoto Short Fiction Prize Reading 

Molly McCully Brown & Susannah Nevison
Post-Op Letters in the Field Between Us

Aishwarya Sahi

Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley
A. Real. Uncle. TomTom.

Anne Noonan

Andy Fogle
Nine Martinsville Screens

Justin Gardiner
Rice Terraces, Northern Luzon

Molly Spencer
Poem that Begins on a Staircase

Mary Crawford

Brynne Rebele-Henry
As a girl I believed in
Niente, Niente, Niente

Tara Kaprowy
Serenity Prayer

Natalie Mesnard
MU Puzzle

Matthew Baker
The Cult of Volta Temple

Sara Eliza Johnson

Allan Peterson

Melinda M. White
Between Floors: Love and Other Blood-Related Diseases

Chris Haven
Carry On
We are at a feast which doesn’t love us

Emily Block
Review | Pandora’s Garden: Kudzu, Cockroaches, and Other Misfits of Ecology
   by Clinton Crockett Peters

Gabe Boudali
Review | Nevada Days by Bernardo Atxaga

Katherine Mooney Brooks
Review | Circadian by Chelsey Clammer

Victoria C. Flanagan
Review | Paraíso by Jacob Shores-Argüello

Henry Hart
Review | The Consequence of Moonlight by Sofia Starnes

A Reading by Ru Freeman & LeAnne Howe 

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