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Levis Remembered
   Reading Loop Introduction & Table of Contents

Larry Levis
   Elegy With a Thimbleful of Water in a Cage

1996 Handley Library Reading
   Last known recording of Larry Levis

Sandra Lim
   poems from The Wilderness
   Certainty [Edward Taylor . . . ]
   Certainty [Perhaps you can . . . ]  
   Garden Quarrel
   Human Interest Story

18th Annual Levis Reading Prize
   with a reading by prize winner Sandra Lim; commentary by
      John Ulmschneider, Gregory Donovan, & David Wojahn
   Welcome & Introduction 
      by John Ulmschneider
   The Self and the Soul 
      by Gregory Donovan
   Introduction to Sandra Lim 
      by David Wojahn
   A Reading by Sandra Lim 

Leia Darwish
   Review | The Wilderness, by Sandra Lim

A Conversation with Sandra Lim 

A Reading by Charles Wright

A Reading by Stephen Dunn and Barbara Hurd

Julialicia Case
   Strangers in Houses

John Allman
   Jacob’s Limp
   Thrift Shop

Keith Ekiss
   Not Far Underground

Norman Dubie

Keetje Kuipers
   At the Arlee Pow-Wow with My Unborn Child
   Getting the Baby to Sleep

Lisa Russ Spaar
   Two Weeks
   The Wind Wears a Red Leaf

Silas House
   Another Country

Hal Crowther
   The Heaven of Animals

Talvikki Ansel
   Somewhere in Space
(a poem in 10 parts)

Emily Leithauser

John Fry
   the wilderness rose as incense
   I say arid and the room says storm

Barbara Duffey
   Coffey Still

Catherine Staples
   Feeding the Hounds
   Moon Blind
   Sleeping in the Good Bed

Carrie Brown

Austin Segrest
   The Missouri Compromise

Hala Alyan
   In the City of Fire

Liza Wieland

Nina Paley
   This Land Is Mine 

Ryan Teitman
   The Other City

Kirun Kapur
   The Bird Watchers
   In the Rub’ al Khali
   Sea Anemone

Simone Muench & Dean Rader
   [How on earth did it happen, I used to wonder]
   [Near dusk, near a path, near a brook]
   [Shadow, you'll travel to what waits ahead]

Bruce Bond

Melanie Faranello

Peter Makuck
   Après le Déluge, or How to Return
   Family Music

Jim Redmond
   Hard Water
   Let There Be

John Bresland
   Peyton Place: A Haiku Soap Opera 

Jordan Rice

Denise Calhoun
   Swan’s Beak

E.B. Paige
   The Razor in the Apple
   They May Only Go Where They’re Bid

David Trinidad
   Viciousness in the Kitchen

Louie Jon A. Sanchez
translated from the Filipino by J.A. Del Prado
   Love Story

Sue D. Burton
   All in All, Another Productive Day in the Thicket of Disappointment
   Somehow Myself Survived the Night
   The Woman Who Is to Be Sawn in Half
   The Woman Who Is Sawn in Half Thinks about Elephants: Marianne Moore
      Feeding Them Bread at the Circus & Houdini Who Made One Disappear
      (& Was Not “Uncomfortably Popular” with Them as Was Miss Moore)

Gary Dop
   What Is It Like to Get Punched in the Face?

Luisa Muradyan
   A Beaver and His Pile of Wood
   Vera Beneath the Floor

Erin McGraw

A Reading by Erin McGraw and Gregory Donovan

Carly Joy Miller
   Nightshift as a Waitress: When the Regular Arrives
   Soul’s Colony

Wynn Chapman
   The War of the Ashes

Greg Brownderville
   The Homemade Fireworks

Ruth Madievsky
   On Memory

Matthew Gavin Frank
   Making Weight of the Okie Sirloin

Kiyomi Iwata
   On Kiyomi Iwata’s From Volume to Line
   Process Video: From Volume to Line  
   An Evolution (Commentary by Howard Risatti

Gregory Kimbrell
   1900 Gibbon Street
   The Age of Miracles
   The Succulent Flowers
   Between the Something and the Nothing . . .
        Editor’s Commentary on Kimbrell’s Form and Process

Nini Berndt
   Considering the Girl, Hilda Dahlgren

Vanessa Couto Johnson

Chelsea Wagenaar
   Quiz: Eros

Tess Taylor
   Harvest Fair
   Last Hay

A Reading by Jennifer Grotz

Kimberly Grey
   How We Take Our Grief

Darren Morris
   Fear of Stones and Air

Patty Paine
   What Light Does
   What You Sow

Dannye Romine Powell
   Tunnel of Green

Jacqueline Goldfinger

Chelsea Gillenwater
   Review | Big Cactus, by Sylvia Wilkinson

Ross Losapio
   Review | Our House Was on Fire, by Laura Van Prooyen

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Review | Spans: New and Selected Poems, by Elizabeth Seydel Morgan

1914 Time Capsule  
   A sampling of historic images, texts, and film footage 

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