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Claudia Emerson Remembered

Claudia Emerson

Poetry Reading, Sewanee 2013

Allison Seay
   The Disappearing Threshold

Claudia Emerson Remembrance
   Amanda Bausch, Justin Belote, Leia Darwish, Christian Detisch,
   Gregory Donovan, Kathleen Graber, Catherine MacDonald,
   Lauren Miner, Elizabeth Seydel Morgan, Lynda Fleet Perry,
   Emilia Phillips, Annie Rudy, Ron Smith, & David Wojahn

Poetic Principles: An Evening with the Poetry of
Claudia Emerson
   Betty Adcock, Debora Greger, William Logan, Debra Nystrom,
   Dave Smith, & Ellen Bryant Voigt.

Lauren Miner
   Anderson House 212

Norman Dubie
   The Death of the Encyclopedia Salesman

Lee Smith
   Hungry Mother

Joseph Fansano

T.R. Hummer
   In Utah
   The Morning Mail
   My Daughter's Passport

Introductions Reading Loop

Jacqueline Balderrama
   Accountability for Your Blind Sheep
   Somewhere Else in Texas

Max Berwald
   Preventative Medicine

Anna Caritj
   Paradise Island

Dorothy Chan

Eman Hassan
   Invasion (0329, 1990)

Emily Skaja
   Figure of Woman Coming Out of a Wall
   It’s impossible to keep white moths

Larry Palmer
   Urshel: The Beautiful Lost Sheep

Matthew Baker
   The Resurrectionists

Cabell First Novelist Award
   Reading Loop Introduction and Table of Contents

Boris Fishman
   Oksana’s Kitchen: An Unlikely Friendship across Three Generations,
   Two Continents, and One Dinner Table (A Memoir, with Seasoning)

Cabell First Novelist Award 
   A Reading by Boris Fishman
   Panel Discussion

Chelsea Gillenwater
   Review | A Replacement Life, by Boris Fishman

Edgar Kunz

Megan Peak
   How the Wasp Girl Nests
   Sex Ed

Kai Carlson-Wee
   Hiding in a Well in the Northtown Yard
   Mercy Songs
   Where the Feeling Deserts Us

David Huddle & Meighan L. Sharp
   from Effusive Greetings to Friends

Brian Schwartz
   Inside the Envelope

Jimmy Santiago Baca
   A Reading by Jimmy Santiago Baca

Javier Etchevarren  translations by Jesse Lee Kercheval
   The Corner Grocery
   Family Song
   The Library

Daniel Bănulescu  translations by Adam Sorkin & Lidia Vianu
   Then Suddenly, in the Little Bar of Your Body, I Overturn the Table
   You Sang Beautifully but You Didn’t Change Your Life

Nicolas Born  translations by Eric Torgersen
   The Dancer
   Sewing Time
   That’s How It Was

Debarati Mitra  translations by Paramita Banerjee & Carolyne Wright
   The Green Stigma
   No, No, and No

Edward Mayes
   Benders of Past Glory at the Blankety-Blank Bar
   Gæð A Wyrd Swa Hio Scel
   Revanche, or Passing for Twenty-One

Victoria Chang
   Mr. Darcy (Cars surround us)
   Mr. Darcy (He ignores us)
   Mr. Darcy (These men can be collected)

Lisa Hartz
   The Rebecca Portraits, Paul Strand, 1920–1932
   Triangles, Imogen Cunningham, 1928

Julia Lichtblau

Sandra Marchetti

Maya Marshall

Ramola D

Robert Krut
   River Side, Rain Side, Fire Side
   Time Travel Bargaining Tactics

John Rybicki
   The Man in the Field Is a Pop-up Book

Henry Hart
   Annunciation, 1960
   Inkstone Box
   Slides of Hiroshima
   Trakl at Sandy Hook

Seth Clabough
   Und So Weiter

Jehanne Dubrow
   November 11

Fritz Ward

Richard Jespers
   Delia’s Reunions

Lisa Wells
   Cain Flees
   Chore Wheel
   We must be coming down

Nomi Stone
   After the War Game

A Reading by Nick Flynn

B.K. Fischer
   A small (or large) machine

Julie Danho

Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers

Scott Montgomery
   I Walked Away with This Object and It’s Possible She Put a Spell on Me
   We Could Be Dreaming

David Wojahn
“On Hearing That My Poems Were Being Studied in a Distant Place”:
Thoughts on Distance, Difficulty, and Secret Addressees

Kate Partridge
   Drunk Again

Katie Berta
   Dream Catalogue
   My City Is Also a City

Victoria Lynne McCoy
   Bad Company

Christopher Emery
   The Back Porch
   Detroit Boxtrain Wood Finisher

Gerry LaFemina

Irene Ziegler
   The Little Lion 

A Reading by Jean Thompson  
A Conversation with Jean Thompson  

Craig Beaven
Review | Count the Waves, by Sandra Beasley

Ross Losapio
Review | Thief in the Interior, by Phillip B. Williams

Laura Van Prooyen
Review | Quiet City, by Susan Aizenberg

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